i listen to guided meditations because i don’t like to sleep alone
ive only had these sheets for two weeks and then bottom half where my legs lie like we lied in the grass
the bottom half of the sheets are rubbed off
they are pilling or piling i’m not too sure how to pronounce it
it’s strange how quickly they were ruined
i turned off the lights
light blue i just changed the light to pink
made pasta
you told me once pasta is sexy
the light
i think about the red leather
how the washer machine leaked
and the red leather did too
it’s folded in your closet
the sheets will probably go up next
i’ll donate them to good will*
can’t really step there
it’ll remind me
it’s time to try it on again
so I do
and I and I ask myself
if I don’t do it but think about it all day long does it still mean i’m hungry?
i can hear the chime
me too
me too