Morgan Ann Marshall

Some Projects —
  1. Posters.
  2. Testimony to The Special.
  3. Counter Mag.
  4. Made to Dance in Burning Buildings
  5. Close Encounters of the Academic Kind.
  6. Lost & Found Residency. 
  7. Some Parts Withheld- an Exhibition.

Collaboration —
a working definition.
  1. The action of working with someone to produce or create something. Sometimes I ask the bus driver to fold my ticket in half. Together we made a folded bus pass. I asked the woman sitting next to me for an idea. She gave me three oranges that hald already been peeled. Bare and confused I felt bad for them. I ate two and half and offered her back the remains. She sucked the juices and left the remains of the remains on the seat. We produced and/or created something that day.

side effects of the pink; side effects of the love. I mean.
they are as follows
asking to be nowhere, but together.
gently not softly because the pink is always soft.

I didn’t ask for somebody. the pink suddenly was. not in a threatening way, but the same way that sometimes I replace the notion of myself with the first time in the pink.

we didn’t know it but solutions were being drafted and fixed and its all stainless regardless of the year it was made the pink showed up on a white shelf with tiny holes all over it.
the physical representation of the pink.
a ceramic angel, gold wings, small mouth,

kissing makes us forget.
let’s drive there and be better.
I want to curl up into the better and be held there
take the same draft of the solution and roll it up,
and it too can sleep with the better.
the pink lasts a long time. without being dramatic, it lasts forever.
can you see what you used to from the abandoned buildings and, and in horse racing they call them blinkers. or blinders.
they are a piece of horse tack that prevent the horse from seeing to rear, and in some cases, to the sides.

her size 4 foot is on fire.
my last day with my whole world I ask to take off her shoes but
the puddle is already too deep. we’re suddenly outside.

“blank” goes here. you can choose what part is applicable for you
but it’s quite dull how “blank” can hurt all over again and again and in different ways and you don’t really want it to and it’s sticky and so I try to decide if the things humans emit between themselves have any reason, and, and...

I put three ounces of the sky into an empty glass container.
when I go to work in the morning and you’re still asleep it will be on the bedside table when you wake, next to... it doesn’t matter.

atomic blonde, she says. I got two cherubs tattooed
trying to convince myself that God exists I think I find her, I mean God. behind the plaid pantry by your house.
she sells me an erection that can’t be replaced.
Like the choked version of ourselves can leave even a trace of recognition it takes convincing that my interactions are intentional

anyways. I put 6 splendas in my coffee this morning and every other morning, too.
If I consumed 6 splenda packets every day for a year I would have consumed 2,190 splenda packets. So in my lifetime I’ve consumed approximately three times that.
escaping this ritual is a God’s act. God gives heart attacks. We love her for it.

according to:
who’s tagline is “Trusted Health Information for you.”

Most heart attacks are caused by a blood clot that blocks one of the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries bring blood and oxygen to the heart. If the blood flow is blocked, the heart is starved of oxygen and heart cells die. The medical term for this is myocardial infarction.

Causes can be as follows: A substance called plaque can build up in the walls of your coronary arteries. This plaque
is made up of cholesterol and other cells. A heart attack may occur when: A tear in the plaque occurs. This triggers blood platelets and other substances to form a blood clot at the site that blocks most or all of the oxygen-carrying blood from flowing to a part of the heart muscle. This is the most common cause of heart attack.
A slow buildup of plaque may narrow one of the coronary arteries so that it is almost blocked.

In either case, there is not enough blood flow to the heart muscle and heart muscle dies. The cause of heart attack is not always known.
Last updated March seventh, 2019.

anyways, splenda doesn’t matter because bodies are objects
and there is not enough blood flow to the muscle and the muscle dies physical matter, non-physical matter although I do know that sometimes when I drink water it goes right through me but
anyways, that doesn’t matter either because one time I masturbated in the sun at sauvie island
because the water was too cold.
So I lied there and I think I might have been there too if you think hard enough

but anyways, god I keep saying anyways, ANYWAYS,
I masturbated in the sun at sauvie island. and afterwards I wondered if that “insatiable hole”
is the same one that “morning after and fetishizing sentences and wet bathroom floors fall into”
they all prefer confinement
they belong in the hole
when I look closely at those bathroom floors
there is a cage- you call and I come...
idiosyncratic is like... quirky or peculiar, or the temperament which is unique to an individual.
eventually, the confinement of this cage becomes too tight. naturally.
and the small particles of splenda, the sincerity of my depth, falls onto the ground. naturally.
and there lies the physical and nonphysical matter.
i can feel it sort of leaving now?
the terracotta pot is moldy towards the bottom
where the curve meets the plate so I scrape the mold off the bottom.
the plant does fine.
the youth of this plant was not deadened by extremist american capitalism
so i’m jealous when the pot asks me to tell her another story about the history of Class in the west.
what does that say about me?
I’ll live rent free at your sleep. occupy, or don’t. there will be objects there for you.
the tiniest body, or the stickiest table. resin or sap alike,
it won’t come off.
you read poetry aloud before we fall asleep-this is not a poem-you read poetry aloud before we fall asleep a fire is lit, it was unintentional.
my room almost burnt down.
primary she calls me.
a soft and complicated feeling, a surge of consciousness
in this scenario there is an illustration on the cover.
it’s a golden mirror and I accept its contents.