Instagram Activism
Images produces for social media, consciously created to be aesthetically consumable, in hopes to reach a broader audience. (It worked)

Lost & Found Residency
In Spring of 2019, I established myself as the Artist in Residence within the PSU Lost & Found Network in an attempt to understand the operations and general guidelines of this system. With a goal of recognizing the interconnectedness of otherwise separate systems through shared policies, efforts, and links to similar end locations.

Wearble Weight
From a young age, I began knotting fabric in a fairly obsessive way as a form of meditation. As an adult who now makes art (sometimes as a form meditation), I applied my childhood coping mechanism to my craft. Pictured below is 1 of 3 wearble deconstructed fabric costumes that carried me through trying times. To literally wear the weight of your emotions is a deeply cathartic experience.