Morgan Ann Marshall

Some Projects —
  1. Posters.
  2. Testimony to The Special.
  3. Counter Mag.
  4. Made to Dance in Burning Buildings
  5. Close Encounters of the Academic Kind.
  6. Lost & Found Residency. 
  7. Some Parts Withheld- an Exhibition.

Collaboration —
a working definition.
  1. The action of working with someone to produce or create something. Sometimes I ask the bus driver to fold my ticket in half. Together we made a folded bus pass. I asked the woman sitting next to me for an idea. She gave me three oranges that hald already been peeled. Bare and confused I felt bad for them. I ate two and half and offered her back the remains. She sucked the juices and left the remains of the remains on the seat. We produced and/or created something that day.


Morgan Ann Marshall is an interdisciplinary artist and designer whose work questions binaries through visual and conceptual storytelling. She is interested exploring the reflection of self through found objects, queerness, and in how design lives as documentation of real-life experiences. Morgan frequently uses collaborative practices such as bookmaking as a reflection of her adoration for social engagement. She is currently located in Portland, OR and is the current Artist in Residence within Portland State University’s Lost & Found Department.